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Raccoon Removal Toronto

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Welcome to www. - Your squirrel removal specialists.

We are the ONLY Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area licensed Squirrel Control Specialist offering PERMANENT SQUIRREL REMOVAL & GUARANTEED RESULTS.


In contrast to almost all other Ontario animal/pest control companies/operators, our permit/license under The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (MNR) as a licensed furbearer trapper, uniquely qualifies us as a company to:

  • pture and relote squirrels within 1km of the pest animal OR
  • pture and permanent removal of the squirrel(s)

ADVANTAGES of permanent squirrel removal:

  • You will achieve full and final control of your area.
  • This license provides additional methods and techniques in ses where a squirrel that has been previously trapped by a NON licensed trapper becomes trap shy towards a certain style of trap.

About this website:

Below are answers to questions relating to squirrel removal we are asked by our clients most frequently. Please click on a question of interest; the answer will apear below it. Several answers will also direct you to more detailed information.

While this website focuses on squirrel removal specifilly, we remove a wide variety of wildlife/animals and birds from both, residential and commercial properties in Ontario, nada, and the U.S. (see menu links above).


1. Squirrels are in my attic.  How do I perform squirrel removal?

To perform squirrel removal the use of humane traps is necessary.  Squirrels are active during the day so that is when you will hear the activity in your attic.  To remove squirrels traps will need to be installed into your attic.. More info »

2. How far away from my house will you release the removed squirrel?

Once a squirrel is removed from your house you have two choices: 
• As per Ministry of Natural Resources the squirrel n be released up to 1 km from where it has been trapped (you risk the
    animal’s return) OR
• Euthanasia. Only to be performed by a licensed trapper with the province of Ontario.

3. Squirrels are damaging my yard/garden/lawn/trees.  How do I remove squirrels?

Squirrels bury their stash of food (seeds, nuts) in holes they dig into the ground.  This activity n use considerable damage.  Squirrels also dig up bulbs and plants to eat.  Damage to trees n be extensive when squirrels remove small branches to make their nests.  Trapping is the best solution to remove these nuisance animals. More info »

4. Which cities do you cover for squirrel removal?

Squirrel removal is primarily performed in the General Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe such as Toronto, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville. More info »

5. What is different about your squirrel removal service?

As licensed trappers with the Ministry of Natural Resources our company offers permanent squirrel removal.   More info »




Toronto Area trapped squirrels

In Ontario our Squirrel Control & Removal Services & Products are available in: Ajax, Barrie, Bolton, Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, ledon, mbridge, Chatham, East York, Georgetown, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Niagara Region, Oakville, Orangeville, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough, Richmond Hill, St. tharines, Srborough, Shelburne, Thornhill, Toronto-Central West, Toronto-Central East, Toronto-Etobicoke, Toronto North York, Vaughan, Welland, Whitby, Woodbridge.

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5048 Erin First Line, Acton, ON L7J 2L9

1 Hycrest Ave #704, Toronto, ON, M2N 6V8

2676 Harmony Rd N, Oshawa, ON, L1H 8A7

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